Testimonials from Students

Web Design I 

The following are unedited quotes by students who took this class…

“This class was very informative and helped me gain the skills I need to run the website for my nonprofit. Robin is a very caring teacher and makes every effort to include all students.”

“Super approachable and easy to come to with problems without worrying about her response being negative, I would take more classes with this instructor in the future, I’d probably go out of my way in fact to take her classes.”

“Outstanding instruction and presentation skills. Material and resources provided were excellent. Support was outstanding.”

“Robin Kunz is a well prepared professor who has an abundance of knowledge when it comes to web design and media arts. She is supportive and takes time to make sure all the students are following. Overall Kunz is a great professor and I have very much enjoyed this summer term because of her.”

Web Design II

The following are unedited quotes by students who took this class…

“I’m very glad I had a chance to take this course, and feel like I learned a tremendous amount compared to where my skills were a few months ago. Robin is a great instructor, and always available and wanting to help, which is much appreciated. I felt like the workload/amount of new learning each week was paced very well.”

“I learned a ton in this class. I appreciate Robin’s teaching style and her organization, especially with her course website. The homework assignments helped me to figure things out for myself which is how I learn best.”

“This is an amazing course. It should be offered more frequently so the web certificate can be completed in a timely fashion.”

Intro to WordPress 

The following are unedited quotes by students who took this class…

“(Robin) is a very organized teacher, who comes to class prepared every time. She invites questions and stimulates conversations about topics related to the course.
Robin Kuntz [sic] is an excellent, interactive instructor.”

“Robin was not only fully prepared for each class but was organized to the degree that individual questions and comments had a generous platform in addition to each evenings preset agenda. This course exceeded my expectations.”

“This instructor really makes the course elements accessible and even fun to learn. She has a lot of energy and this is conveyed in a positive way to the class. I feel like I have become facile with WordPress whereas before I had struggled with it. Robin assisted in opening a door to something that previously had seemed unattainable and difficult. I am very happy with this course.”

“I enjoyed learning wordpress and creating my own blog and website. Robin did a great job at explaining complex technical terms in easy to understand terminology.”

“I enjoyed this course and feel that I have a good grasp of WordPress as a result. Robin is an excellent instructor and goes above and beyond to help out with problems and answer questions. The course website was very helpful especially with the video tutorials and resources. There were several students who took up a lot of class time with their issues and Robin was good at helping them but not to the point of holding up the rest of the class.”

“This course was exactly what I needed. I have benefited from enrolling in this course.”

Design in the Real World

The following are unedited quotes by students who took this class…

“Having no experience in this area prior to this class I learned a ton of valuable, practical information and tools for immediate application in the design.”

“Thank you for an awesome class.”